Posted by: redantspants | April 8, 2011

Donkey Basketball Champions!!!

There are many benefits to living in small town Montana. One of my favorites is that we get to play donkey basketball. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to view or even play this dangerous and tremendously entertaining ‘sport’, it involves 2 teams, 10 donkeys, one basketball and an entire high school gym full of town folk out for a good laugh.


Getting Psyched

The rules are similar to regular basketball, except for the only way to move about the court is while riding a donkey. True story. Luckily no dribbling is required. However, it is required that you figure out how to mount a donkey, often while holding a basketball and the donkey is on the move while you’re trying to mount (believe me, this is way harder than it sounds). It is quite possible to most ridiculous and unflattering sport imaginable. But so much damn fun. Especially when when the Red Ants Pants team beats the men’s basketball team, and the junior class team, and the Search and Rescue team and is declared CHAMPION!!!

In a grown up world where the thrill of playing team sports has been diminished to high school memories, I won’t deny that it felt really good to win. Here’s to the donkeys that carried us to victory!! Thanks team!!


Julie, Anna, Jen, Nancy, Sarah and Darcy...The Champion Team!



  1. Beyond hilarious – Greg and I are dying!

  2. Oh, yeah! Nice riding, ladies!

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