Posted by: redantspants | January 12, 2012

What is a Gusseted Crotch?

by Sarah Kmon

It is the reason that I am wearing my Red Ants Pants (not my sweats) as I type.

The gusseted crotch is that little detail that makes Red Ants Pants flexible, keeps your lower appendages full of blood and your lunch in your stomach.

So what is a gusseted crotch?

Red Ants Pants have a diamond-shaped patch of fabric in the, well, crotch.

It makes Red Ants Pants comfortable to wear whilst squatting, walking, climbing etc, as recently proven by some of our hard-core customers on our facebook page.

It also makes them easy to lay out on the table so that I can take photos of them.

It pretty much means that you can do anything in them. Except scuba diving. I wouldn’t recommend scuba diving in them.



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