Posted by: redantspants | January 26, 2012

An early-Valentines Montana Mini-Break

Treat your Love, because they deserve it and so do you.

Here’s how to get them in the mood…

Fly into Bozeman on Thursday, February 9th. If you live in Bozeman it is really important to complete this step.

On Friday, spend the day cross-country skiing at Bohart Ranch. It is inexpensive and breathtakingly beautiful. The excercise and the fresh air will raise your Love’s endorphine levels to perfect Valentines Day counts.

Drive on, over the mountains to White Sulphur Springs, and check into the All Seasons. It is the first hotel you come to as you arrive in White Sulphur.

You’ll see this…

on the way here.

Spend the evening and the following morning soaking it the hotsprings. The hot water and chilly air, together with only wearing a bathing suit will relax your Love to Valentines Day levels of warm, mushy tenderness.

Then come and visit our store. Buying your high-endorphined, warm, mushy, tender Love a pair of Red Ants Pants, will Seal. The. Deal. Nudge nudge. Wink wink.

After that head back to Bozeman and party with Ten Foot Tall and 80 Proof who are playing at the Eagles Lodge in Bozeman. Allowing your Love to dance in your arms is just icing on the cake.

Sunday, fly home. Smiling.


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