Staff Writers

Calhoun in her White Sulphur Springs storefront

Sarah Calhoun hails from New England farm country and has a background in outdoor leadership, farming, and working trail crews.  She is the founding owner of Red Ants Pants.  When not in the office or on Tour de Pants, Sarah can be found in the mountains; backpacking, swimming in alpine lakes, or cutting firewood,  at the rodeo, in her garden with her new chickens, in her kitchen cooking up a storm, or simply sitting by the fire with a good book sipping on some fine whiskey.   She also volunteers in the White Sulphur community as an EMT on the ambulance, the Arts Council, and the local community development board.

Doherty, on the summit of Mt. Cannon

Maggie Doherty was born and raised in northern Michigan and made the move west in 2004 upon graduating from DePauw University with a BA in English Writing. She’s grateful to call Whitefish, Montana home.  Maggie serves as the Tour Representative for Red Ants Pants. In between Tour de Pants stints, Maggie’s love of the mountains is what shapes her life. Her life has been dominated by skiing, thanks to her ski bum parents, and her love of skiing has taken her to a new path, telemark ski racing. She’s also happiest when climbing mountains in Glacier National Park, floating wild and scenic rivers, writing about her adventures, attempting to garden and sharing a good laugh over a beer or two. Maggie is also a volunteer Board of Director for the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation.

Sarah Kmon lives in White Sulphur Springs and works part time with Red Ants Pants. She was born and raised in England. Now she uses her accent to full advantage when she finds people who like it. She spends most of her time working cows with her husband on their ranch west of White Sulphur Springs, where they raise commercial and grass-fed, grass-finished beef. She usually is wearing her Red Ants Pants to do that. Riding good horses is her number one favourite thing to do in the world.

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