About Red Ants Pants

Red Ants Pants is the first ever company dedicated to manufacturing workwear for women. Our American made workpants come in two styles, a straight and curvy cut and we proudly boast 70 sizes for a near custom fit.

Based in a rural ranching town in central Montana, Red Ants Pants not only fit, but function and flatter!

As unique as our pants are (although we knew it was long overdue for pants that fit hips and curves!) we also take a different approach on how we sell them. You won’t find Red Ants Pants in any retail store.

Come visit us at our historic storefront in White Sulphur Springs, Montana. With the population just under 1,000 and 7 watering holes to wet your whistle, we love our location and home in the Wellman Building on Main Street. You can always visit us at our website, www.redantspants.com and learn more about our pants, our new workin’ belts, and score other goodies such as t-shirts and hoodies.

Founded by Sarah Calhoun in 2006, Red Ants Pants thanks your for your interest and support!

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